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Politico Commits Lie of Omission Regarding Bombing Suspects' Politics

Personally, I don't care how wackos or evildoers vote. But the media sure does -- but only if the political right can be blamed. So it is not surprising that in their longish look at how the Boston Marathon suspects might have voted, the left-wing Politico commits journalistic malpractice through a glaring lie of omission.

According to Politico, we have no evidence as to how the Brothers Tsarnaev might have leaned politically. Except that we do. As Newsbusters points out, we have a Twitter feed that has been confirmed as authentic by a number of media outlets, as being owned by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the surviving suspect. The Twitter feed expresses approval for Obama winning the 2012 election.

No one is claiming the tweets are definitive, but for Politico to play "who knows?" without even mentioning the existence of these tweets, is, well, what we've come to expect from the left-wing Politico.

Anyone want to argue Politico and the media as a whole wouldn't be going ape sh*t right now had some suspected terrorist re-tweeted Sarah Palin?


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