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Re: 'Dumb Starbucks'

In response to 'Dumb Starbucks' Opens in Los Angeles:

What makes this so incredible, is the fact that Starbucks is known for fiercely guarding its brand. 

Back in December, there was a story going around about the legal trouble "Exit 6", a small  brewpub outside of St. Louis, had with Starbucks. It seems that the establishment had been offering a beer labeled, "Frappicino" - a misspelling of "Frappuccino".  Starbucks, apparently afraid people would confuse the brew with an officially licensed Starbucks product, sent them a cease and desist letter.

In a snarky letter responding to Starbucks' attorney,  the proprietor of the offending establishment apologized profusely for "any damage Exit 6 did to Starbucks." And he sent along a check for $6 to cover damages.

 "Dumb Starbucks" - with its near perfect facsimile of the Starbucks logo - is hoping to pass legal muster by categorizing itself  as "a work of parody art.” 

Pretty bold of them, I must say.



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