ABC’s Hostin: Trump Is ‘Dog-Whistling’ Witness Tampering

Tuesday on ABC’s “The View,” co-host Senior Legal Analyst for ABC News said President Donald Trump’s praise of Roger Stone for refusing to testify was “dog-whistling to these witnesses.” Hostin said, “Trump is tweeting out all this stuff, and you know obstruction of

Sunny Hostin

Joy Behar: ‘Today Is a Good Day for Donald Trump to Resign’

Thursday on ABC’s “The View,” the panel discussed President Donald Trump‘s former lawyer Michael Cohen pleading guilty to lying to Congress about a potential Trump Tower in Moscow. Co-host Sunny Hostin said the development were “like a soap opera.” Co-host

Joy Behar

ABC’s Hostin: White House Aide Battered Jim Acosta

Thursday on ABC’s “The View,” co-host Sunny Hostin accused a White House aide of committing battery against chief White House correspondent for CNN Jim Acosta. The panel was discussing Acosta blocking a female aide who was trying to take the

Sunny Hostin

ABC’s Hostin: Trump Might Lie About a Terror Attack

Wednesday on ABC’s “The View,” co-host Sunny Hostin said President Donald Trump was capable of lying about a terrorist attack. During a discussion about the new national presidential alert system which will send texts to smartphones in America, Hostin said,

Sunny Hostin,