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This Video of Little Girls Using the F-Word Isn't Activism, It's Advertising

Oct 22, 2014 11:49 AM PT

A group called has created a new video featuring girls as young as 6-years-old repeating the F-word over and over, ostensibly, to raise awareness of gender inequality.

According to the creators of the clip, "these adorably articulate little ladies in sparkling tiaras turn the “princess in distress” stereotype on its head and contrast the F-word with words and statistics society should find shocking such as 'pay inequality' and 'rape.'" Note that this clip is definitely not safe for work.

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Bryan Cranston vs. Florida Mom over meth-toting 'Breaking Bad' action figure

Oct 21, 2014 10:46 AM PT

Cards on the table: I'm as big a fan of "Breaking Bad" as you'll find anywhere, and laughed out loud at the sight of series protagonist Walter White rendered as an action figure - complete with a pistol, a satchel full of ill-gotten cash, and a little bag of the blue meth that fueled his alternately comical, tragic, and horrifying journey from milquetoast chemistry teacher to crime lord.  I also generally take a dim view of censorship crusades.  It's not that I think they're always and inevitably misguided, but they are often exercises in eye-rolling prudery, whether they come from Right or Left.  Most of them come from the Left these days, as it becomes very enthusiastic about stamping out every vestige of dissent against its moral pronouncements.

Here's one that I guess would be more properly described as social conservatism than leftist activism: a mother in Florida named Susan Myers, who started a petition to get Toys R Us to take the Walter White action figure off shelves.  Actor Bryan Cranston responded with an amusing burst of sarcasm:

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Idiot of The Month: Rapper Chris Brown

Oct 14, 2014 10:31 AM PT
Can Hollywood celebrities get any dumber? Yes they can.

Domestic Violence veteran Chris Brown tweeted is ignorant statement on Twitter:

"I don't know...But I think this Ebola epidemic is a form of population control S--t is getting crazy bruh" the 

Strangers team up to pay for Iraq vet's car

Oct 14, 2014 7:33 AM PT

A shot of heartwarming good news to drive back the gloom, courtesy of KHOU News in Texas:

An Iraq war veteran got a big surprise when strangers paid to have his prized 1965 Ford Mustang restored.

Retired SSgt. Kelly Foster had been paying little by little to have his classic car fixed up. He bought the Mustang in 2005 after his first tour of duty in Iraq.

Margaret and Timor Martin were also getting their classic vehicle repaired when they heard about the soldier's story and decided to help him out with the costs.

"We got some friends of ours together and everyone pitched in," said Margaret. "We wanted to kind of pay it forward for someone who has served this country."

Foster thought he was going to simply check on his car; instead, he learned the news it had been restored to mint condition.

When he saw the car, he hugged the Martins.

"I'm extremely surprised. I had no idea this would happen," said Foster. "I'm speechless."

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Flight Attendant Refused To Hang US Soldier's Jacket

Oct 11, 2014 8:54 AM PT

What are the chances that the US Airways flight attendant who disrespected a US Army Ranger in uniform, refusing to hang his coat in the First-Class cabin closet, was a raging liberal?

In case you didn't hear about this, some dopey flight attendant claiming to be just following US Airway policy ,and wouldn't extend the simple courtesy of hanging the soldiers uniform jacket up so that it wouldn't get wrinkled.

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Bill Maher Really is Bigoted...Against Conservatives

Oct 9, 2014 4:46 PM PT

The most offensive thing in Bill Maher's public debate with Ben Affleck wasn't his characterization of radical Islam, which attempted to stick to facts, it was his assumption that liberals and only liberals should be able to offer facts in public debate without being labeled hate-mongers.

The exchange between Maher, Sam Harris, Ben Affleck and Nick Kristof barely got going before Maher said the following (video below):

Affleck: You're saying that Islamaphobia is not a real thing? That if your critical of something...

Maher: Well it's not a real thing when we do it.

Affleck: Right.

Maher: It really isn't.

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Red Bull sued for not giving people wings, settles out of court

Oct 9, 2014 1:15 PM PT

At the intersection of neurotic dumbassery and opportunism lies the American legal system, where the beverage company that makes Red Bull just decided to settle after being sued for the failure to give people "wings," as promised in their advertising.  It's not the literal unfurling of feathery pinions from their shoulders customers were after - we're not quite there yet, but maybe give it a couple of years.  No, they charged that the company was over-estimating the stimulant effects of the beverage, to a degree that went beyond "puffery" into "deceptive and fraudulent," according to the suit.

Business Insider has more details on the case:

Red Bull says in its marketing that the drink can improve concentration and reaction speeds, but the plaintiff in the case said these claims were false and lacked scientific support. While the suit did not allege that plaintiffs were disappointed that they didn't suddenly sprout wings, it does say that Red Bull relies a lot on terms like "wings" and "boost" to give consumers the impression that the drink gives people some sort of physical lift or enhancement.

If the proposed settlement is passed by the US District Court of the Southern District of New York, where the case was brought, Red Bull will be required to pay $6.5 million into a settlement fund within a week.

The settlement says Red Bull will reimburse customers disappointed the energy drink hasn’t lived up to their expectations with either a check for $10 or a voucher for $15 worth of Red Bull products. This could prove costly, as the class action suit covers the millions of people who have bought at least one can of Red Bull over the past 10 years.

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