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Go Get Him, Girl

Nov 18, 2014 9:42 AM PT

My friend is crazy about a dude she’s never even kissed. I mean head-over-heels, order-three-coffees-at-his-coffeehouse-even-though-you-hate-coffee crazy. She gets that weird light in her eyes when she talks about him. Her hair is always perfect these days, just in case she needs, well, a coffee. It’s kind of adorable.

“Ask him out,” I said to her the other day outside the coffeehouse.

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Comet Guy and the social-justice black hole

Nov 15, 2014 3:58 PM PT

An amazingly stupid story with a clever Twitter hashtag, #shirtstorm, has been brewing for the past couple of days.  Long story short, one of the brilliant scientists who just landed a space probe on a moving comet decided to wear a shirt covered with cheesecake cartoon girls for a media appearance.  A gang of decidedly non-brilliant feminists freaked out and organized an Internet flash mob to accuse Dr. Matt Taylor of objectifying women, charging that his choice of shirt would intimidate young ladies out of pursuing careers in science.  The really stupid part of the story is that it worked - Dr. Taylor was bullied into making a tearful public apology for his shirt.

No one seriously thinks Taylor is a misogynist or meant to offend anyone with his shirt.  In fact, it was designed by a woman named Elly Prizeman, who was properly mortified by the reaction.  "My heart just broke watching Matt's apology," she wrote on Facebook.  "That is not cool.  The public can be unreasonably cruel.  I'm saddened and angered by this."  A personal friend of Taylor's, she has described him as "an amazing, kind, loving and sensitive person."

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Forget Black Friday This Year and Try Dr. Ben Carson's #GivingTuesday

Nov 13, 2014 10:02 AM PT

The esteemed pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson is known for his "gifted hands" and his conservative politics, but perhaps not everyone knows he is also a philanthropist who is driven by his own humble upbringing in Detroit Michigan, to motivate youth to rise above their own  disadvantaged circumstances and lead meaningful lives. On Tuesday, December 2, 2014, fellow conservatives have a chance to help him do that.

The 2016 GOP presidential contender operates a national nonprofit organization called the  Carson Scholars Fund which "recognizes and rewards academic excellence in young students (4-11 grade) who also have strong humanitarian qualities."

The Carson Scholars Program is more than a simple monetary scholarship program. It starts young, encouraging a college-going culture in homes and schools across the country. Scholars have an incentive to achieve academically year after year and are exposed to inspirational adult leaders. More importantly, Carson Scholars are role models in their schools and encourage their peers to succeed academically and contribute to their communities. Collectively, they are shaping a better future for themselves, their schools and the country.

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Salon Can't Bake That Gay Cake

Nov 7, 2014 6:13 PM PT

While admitting that she has turned down work for personal and political reasons, Salon staffer Mary Elizabeth Williams claims she couldn't possibly be seen as a "narrow-minded bigot," presumably as her reasons are clearly so much better than, say, someone else's.

But credit where due, said Salon staff writer is opposed to bakeries being forced to make gay wedding cakes.

As an independent contractor, I have certainly exercised my right to turn down writing jobs from businesses and individuals I, for personal and political reasons, refuse to work with. Because I’m not some narrow-minded bigot, my reasons tend to be of a different nature than those of a Christian-owned bakery. 

As an independent contractor, I have certainly exercised my right to turn down writing jobs from businesses and individuals I, for personal and political reasons, refuse to work with. Because I’m not some narrow-minded bigot, my reasons tend to be of a different nature than those of a Christian-owned bakery. But suppose I was a baker. And suppose I didn’t want to make a cake that had a message that was offensive to me or contrary to my beliefs. If I want to fight for the right to say no to that customer, I have to consider that someone else has the right to say no to another. I have to consider that the reality of the world is that there are people whose religious beliefs really do make it hard for them right now to stand with marriage equality. I wish for them to become more open and tolerant and loving, and soon, but I don’t see how forcing them to make wedding cakes is necessarily going to do it.

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90-Year-Old Gets Arrested For Feeding Homeless

Nov 7, 2014 10:59 AM PT

 This is going on less than 3  miles from my home. Poor old guy just wants to feed the needy. I was actually there the day this happened, but left before he was arrested for the first time. Chef Arnold and his helpers dish out the food on the sidewalk alongside a downtown park where many homeless people congregate.

Abbott, affectionately known as "Chef Arnold," and two South Florida ministers were charged last weekend as they handed out food. They were accused of breaking the ordinance and each faces up to 60 days in jail and a $500 fine.

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Catcalling and the Fine Art of Manufactured Crisis

Oct 31, 2014 10:50 AM PT

In response to In Defense of Catcalls:

Catcalling, of course, an entirely manufactured "crisis," done clumsily enough to where you can still see the "insert tab A into slot B" stickers on the parts.  Judging by Allahpundits lively "Quote of the Day" roundup at Hot Air, it worked beautifully, creating a 24-hour social-issue flash-in-the-pan that everyone felt obliged to weigh in on.  That most definitely includes skeptics who realize the importance of getting into these discussions early.  The memory of how a Democrat campaign operative posing as a "debate moderator," George Stephanopolous, kicked off the "War on Women" by blindsiding the 2012 GOP candidates with a planted question will linger long in our minds.  We've learned that we can't let the Left have a field day with social issues for months, until we end up responding with a snort of disbelief that anyone is taking their latest goofball crusade seriously.

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#BilaRants -- Take 1

Oct 31, 2014 9:02 AM PT

1. Your sexy Halloween costume doesn’t offend me. Nor does the one you bought for your kid that looks like a cigarette. I’m not offended. I’m not outraged. And if you are, you might need therapy. Here’s an idea: if a costume makes you mad, don’t buy it. Don’t wear it. Don’t put it on your kid. But honestly, save the anger for ISIS.

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