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Video: The Truth About Benghazi Matters

Courtesy of our good friend, All American Blogger, Duane Lester. For those who don't know - he dabbles in producing videos. He says it's been awhile since he's done one, but thinks his latest here strikes all the right chords.

See what you think:

In his latest piece, Jack Cashill asks, has Hillary told one lie too many? 

By 2012, the major media had become so comfortable with Clinton lies that not a single one among them pointed out the grotesque irony of having an unrepentant sexual predator keynote a Democratic Convention whose theme was the “Republican war on women.”

So accustomed had Hillary grown to having her lies glossed over that she grew increasingly indignant even at the timid questions Congress threw her way at the January 2013 Benghazi hearing.

When asked by Senator Ron Johnson about her version of events, Hillary exploded in an outburst destined to be at least as famous as her “vast right wing conspiracy” jeremiad.

Said Hillary, summing up the state of public integrity in 2013, “What difference at this point does it make?” Say what you will, but as recently as January that was a legitimate question.

To be sure, Benghazi will damage Hillary, at least in the short run. But come the Iowa Caucus in 2016, look for the media to champion version 2.0 of the “Comeback Kid.” They have too much emotional equity invested in Hillary to do otherwise.

It's a sickening thing to contemplate, but we all know he's right. Unless something happens between now and then to disrupt the left-wing media stranglehold on public opinion, Hillary's a shoo in for 2016. 


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