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NYT Poll: 79% Want Government Spending Reduced

In response to NY Times Poll: People Prefer Default to Increasing the Debt Limit Without Cuts:

I think what is even more surprising John, is that 79% of adults surveyed want reduced spending, one way or another. 

43. As you may know, there is a debate in Washington about raising the federal debt ceiling, which is the amount of money that the federal government can borrow to pay its bills. Which of these comes closest to your feelings about raising the debt ceiling now? 1. It should be raised without conditions, because the government must pay its existing bills and obligations; OR 2. It should be raised, but only with the condition that the government also cuts spending to offset it; OR 3. It should not be raised under any condition even if that means the U.S. could default on its loans and obligations.

Here are the results for each of those three options:

  1. Raised without conditions - 17
  2. Raised with spending cuts - 55<----Spending Cuts
  3. Not raised - 24 <----Will Result in Reduced Spending
  4. Don't Know - 4

Both option 2 and 3 would result in spending cuts, #2 explicitly and #3 as a consequence of the government defaulting on its loans and obligations, thereby cutting off the money faucet entirely.  

With four out five people indicating they want government to spend less money, it seems appropriate to ask which political party is holding the country hostage? 


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