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Doctor Who: The Doctor, the Tardis, Weeping Angels, the Ood, and much more

Meet the new Doctor, not the same as the old Doctors

Jan 29, 2014 11:53 AM PT

By gum, if we're going to have a "Doctor Who" category here at the Conversation, I'm going to use it to talk about something other than the State of the Union Address, because I think the current state of the union can be best captured by my desire to never watch another State of the Union Address.  Somewhere out there in America, my high-school civics teacher is enjoying his long-delayed victory in the argument over whether I would ever have to pay close attention to such things. Well-played, sir, well-played.

So anyway, there's a new Doctor.  (He's not actually called "Doctor Who," for those unfamiliar with the show, although some of the later episodes have made an annoying fetish of slipping the phrase into episode-ending dialogue.)  This is a rather amazing bit of popular culture: a television show that just celebrated its fiftieth anniversary.  It was off the air for a while in the Nineties, so it's not quite 50 years of continuous broadcasting, but still: wow.  And it's nowhere near running out of gas.

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Found: Nine Episodes of Doctor Who Thought to Be Lost

Oct 11, 2013 6:57 AM PT

Nine of eleven Doctor Who episodes starring Partick Troughton have been found in Nigeria.  Troughten was the second actor to play Doctor Who. 

The episodes were found in at TV facility in Jos, Nigeria and were among 106 "lost" episodes from the 1960s. 

The recovered material includes four episodes of six-parter The Web of Fear, a "quintessential" Doctor Who story in which the Time Lord battles robot Yetis spreading a poisonous fungus on the London Underground.

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Doctor, um, WHO?

Aug 5, 2013 10:51 AM PT

In response to In a Surprise Choice, BBC Announces the 12th Doctor Who Will Be Bob Filner:

I caught the big unveiling extravaganza the Beeb broadcast around the world, and had to chuckle at the thought of everyone outside the UK blinking in confusion after the big reveal.  Which is by no means a slam at either our new Doctor or the somewhat dismayed US fans.  It's a British show, folks.  Of course we probably weren't going to recognize the new guy.  There are plenty of fine British actors recognizable to American audiences, but none of them were likely to sign on for a few years as the headliner on a BBC television show.  (I thought all the buzz about switching the Doctor up by making him female, black, gay, nonhuman, etc. was rather tedious, even if the mythology of the show could accommodate it, but it would have been interesting if they went with someone of Helen Mirren's or Idris Elba's stature and accessibility to American fans.)

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In a Surprise Choice, BBC Announces the 12th Doctor Who Will Be Bob Filner

Aug 4, 2013 12:15 PM PT

No one saw that coming.  Doctor Who insiders call the choice "provocative," but note that the show has "essentially done the same thing for forty years and so it would be good to express some new themes, like molesting strangers. Like, first episode, The Doctor encounters a Dalek, and immediately begins asking it 'So how you doin'?' then maybe grabs it on the keister."

No but actually it's an actor named Peter Capaldi, best known for his work on the comedic "In the Thick of It" as the profanity machine-gun Malcolm Tucker.  

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Healthcare Pushes Back on Obamacare's Rising Costs

May 28, 2013 7:31 AM PT

Two Georgia healthcare systems are taking on Obamacare  in their own special way. In an effort to mitigate the rising insurance costs that the full implementation of Obamacare will bring, the two healthcare systems will be offering a direct healthcare provider-to-patient health option that squeezes out the middle-man, also known as the insurance company.

The healthcare option will be offered to  the  healthcare systems employees and families, and depending on how well this 'trial run' goes, it could be expanded to the general public.

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