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Obama Declines Invitation to Attend Memorial Dedication for Disabled Veterans

Sep 21, 2014 2:36 PM PT

For some unexplained reason, the president has declined an invitation to attend a dedication ceremony in October for a new memorial honoring American veterans who have been disabled fighting for their country in wars. 

According to the Washington Free Beacon, the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial (AVDLM) is the first memorial of its kind, and is set to be dedicated during a ceremony on Oct. 5 near the National Mall in downtown Washington, D.C.

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'Country Club Snub': Top NY Golf Courses Reject Obama's Request To Play Golf Over Labor Day Weekend

Sep 10, 2014 8:02 AM PT

While he was in New York over Labor Day Weekend to fund-raise and attend a high profile wedding, the president was turned down at several elite golf courses. 

According to NBC 4 New York, the Trump National Golf Club, the Winged Foot and Willow Ridge were among the  courses that rejected the president's request to golf.

Club managers apparently did not want to inconvenience their high-powered and high-paying members over Labor Day weekend by shutting down their courses to accommodate the president.

The president was in town Aug. 29, a Friday, for fundraising events in New York and Rhode Island. He had been scheduled to stay overnight in Westchester County in order to attend the Saturday evening wedding of MSNBC host Alex Wagner and White House chef Sam Kass at Blue Hill Farm.

The sources said the White House advance team was giving the clubs just a day or two notice to fill the president’s open Saturday morning in New York. Of several courses contacted in New York and Connecticut, a spokesman for Fairview Country Club in Greenwich said it would have accommodated the president if he had asked. That was the only club that said it would.

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After ISIS Beheading, UK's Cameron Cancels His Vacation While Obama Returns to Martha's Vineyard

Aug 20, 2014 9:16 AM PT

I've never considered Cameron to a particularly strong leader, but at least he has some sense of decorum.

Via NRO's Jim Geraghty:

“U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron cut short his summer vacation to return to London and chair urgent meetings on the threat posed by ISIS in Iraq and Syria, calling the video ‘shocking and depraved.’”

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Gohmert to Obama: Will You Voluntarily Give Up Your Sequester Golf?

Mar 6, 2013 1:37 PM PT

Today, Congressman Gohmert has sent a letter to President Obama asking him to voluntarily give up his golf outings so there is enough money for visitors and tourists to take WH tours.  

That is why I realize that you must understand the sadness many Americans are now feeling after being told by your staff that they would indeed be getting a chance to tour the White House, only later to have you go back on your word and strip them of chance of a lifetime. 


You have often called for solidarity in your speeches; therefore, I am asking you now to lead the way. One way to do this is to give up your golf outings in order to save enough money to transfer funds to allow the [WH] tours to continue. 


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