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Video: Seattle May Day Chaos as it Unfolded

The Seattle PD has published its account of what took place last night. They indicate that the march earlier in the day ended without incident. But the 2nd, unpermitted march by anti-capitalists quickly escalated into chaos:

According to a flyer, this march was advertised as the Anti-Capitalist/Anti-State May Day 2013 Rally and March...

The behavior of the group during the evening demonstration steadily escalated into violence. Just after 7 p.m., protestors began spraying the costumed Rain City Superheroes with silly string. Shortly after that, the window at Sun Liquor was smashed.

The march then wound its way downtown on Pike Street towards the Downtown Retail Core, where demonstrators began shoving and attacking reporters as they provided live on-air reports from the event.

Here's video of the left-wing marchers harassing reporters [This and other clips courtesy of LaughingatLiberals YouTube channel]:

Back to the Seattle PD account:

Shortly after that, demonstrators ignited a smoke device, spewing orange pinkish smoke throughout the block.

After demonstrators began damaging property, throwing fireworks and rocks at officers, police formed a tactical line to prevent the marchers from moving any further into the retail core or on to the Interstate on-ramps.

Here's video of left-wing marchers dragging items into the street and smashing windows:

After demonstrators began throwing metal rods and full water bottles at officers and business windows, officers moved in and made arrests.

When officers arrested several protesters and began loading them into transport vans, demonstrators surrounded the officers and prevented the vehicles from leaving.

Several reports from people who were on scene, some reporters and some protesters, agree that the blocking of the police vehicle was the moment the crowd got completely out of hand. Here's what happened:

The Seattle PD post ends with an updated tally of arrests/injuries:

In all, 17 people were arrested for various offenses including property destruction and assault.

Eight officers sustained injuries, mostly bumps and bruises with the exception of one female officer who was struck in the knee by a fist sized rock.

A woman driving by the scene of one of the protests was injured when a protester hurled a glass bottle at her car, shattering her window. The woman sustained cuts from broken glass and was treated at the scene by medics.



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