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Couldn't Obama have asked Iran to release its American hostages before he capitulated on nukes?

If there's one thing worse than appeasement, it's lazy appeasement.  It's an absolute disgrace that Barack Obama and John Kerry didn't insist on the release of all American hostages held by Iran as a Step 1 precondition for any proposed deal.  That should have been the condition for opening negotiations, but somehow they forgot to even bring it up as part of the capitulation that will guarantee Iran gets its long-desired nuclear bomb, along with looser sanctions and $7 billion in up-front cash rewards.

Which makes it more than a little awkward that the White House chose today to issue a reminder about a hostage they didn't lift a finger to help when they were giving away the store to Iran, Robert Levinson.  He vanished on a business trip in 2007, which makes him "one of the longest held Americans in history," according to the White House proclamation.

"As we approach the upcoming holiday season, we reiterate the commitment of the United States Government to locate Mr. Levinson and bring him home safely to his family, friends, and loved ones," the White House asserts.  Alas, that commitment was somehow forgotten when they were hammering out a deal to pump money into the hands of the world's leading sponsor of terrorism, while allowing them to keep their uranium centrifuges spinning.

There are a few Christian pastors who apparently didn't come up at those secret meetings between the Obama Administration and the Iranian theocracy, either.


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