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Pigford: Issues and news about the Pigford Settlements and USDA

Andrew Breitbart's Pigford Tweets

May 2, 2013 1:10 PM PT

Andrew Breitbart used Twitter to break through the mainstream media firewall on many issues, Pigford among them. Below is a collection of his best and most topical tweets on the Pigford scandal. Note that most of the links are outdated, following the relaunch of last year, but the tweets themselves tell the story.

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ObamaCare is another 'honor system' fraud festival in the making

May 2, 2013 8:09 AM PT

Remember when I mentioned the "free" cell phone program in yesterday's piece about Pigford and Big Government corruption?  The cell phone welfare giveaway turned into a mosh pit of abuse, as the government ran the whole thing largely on the honor system, and scam artists happily scooted off carrying half a dozen "free" phones.

Well, ObamaCare looks ready to give us more of the same, now that the Orwellian 61-page application for its deficit-blasting subsidies (liberals finally managed to get the middle class hooked on welfare!  Yay!) has been boiled down to a streamlined 3 pages.  Naturally, everyone in America freaked out over the laughable 61-page paperwork nightmare our new health care commissars originally cooked up, so they had to make it simpler.

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Pigford and Political Correctness

May 1, 2013 2:42 PM PT

Earlier today on Big Hollywood I wrote about actor Robert Davi and Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III's recent tweets about the damage political correctness does.  Davi pointed me to the writings of Philip Atkinson.  Regarding the Pigford cases, I thought this passage was relevant:

By using the excuse of not upsetting anyone, the politically correct are demanding that people behave like the fool who would please everyone; that everyone must become such a fool! All must accept the notions of the Politically Correct as truth, or else! This is the same mentality that inspired the Inquisition and forced Galileo to recant; the same mentality that inspired the Nazis and obtained the Holocaust. Once expression gets placed in a straitjacket of official truth, then the madness that occurs in all totalitarian states is obtained. Life, in private and public, becomes a meaningless charade where delusion thrives and terror rules.

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Milk for Kittens: What Pigford Should Teach President Obama

May 1, 2013 1:32 PM PT

Was Pigford a failure or a success? If you're a taxpayer you'd almost certainly say it was a failure. As much as $4.4 billion in payouts made mostly to people who had no legitimate claim of discrimination by the USDA. As the NY Times put it, Pigford was "a magnet for fraud."

If you're a left-wing politician who sees government as a machine for transferring money from one group of people to another and benefiting your chances for reelection in the process, then Pigford was arguably a success. I'm talking of course about Barack Obama who pushed for Pigford's extension as a Senator and then gave claimants a "license to raid the till" as President. But the Times also points to Secretary Vilsack and Sen. Menendez as involved in pushing for more payouts. The people who pushed this were progressive Democrats and, prior to the publication of the Times' article this week, there was no downside for these folks. Maybe now, belatedly, there will be.

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Pigford: Big Government and big corruption go hand-in-hand

May 1, 2013 7:09 AM PT

The Pigford story finally broke into mainstream media consciousness at a time when I found myself on a tear against Big Government corruption - for example, the food stamp program, which is a delirious carnival of fraud and studied bureaucratic ignorance.  

Allowing EBT cards to be used at ATMs is sheer lunacy - a deliberate invitation to abuse, in which taxpayer blood is magically transformed into untraceable welfare cash.  But even when those EBT cards are used to buy groceries, the government is currently making absolutely no effort to accumulate data on purchases, beyond the minimal restriction against using food stamps to purchase alcohol.  A bill was recently introduced in the House for the express purpose of making the government use the huge data mining capabilities at its fingertips to begin reporting on what those food stamp cards are used for.  And thanks to the relentless Freedom of Information Act paladins at Judicial Watch, we now have documented proof that the USDA has been working with the Mexican government to promote food stamp benefits to would-be immigrants... pointedly including those who don't plan to immigrate to the U.S. legally.

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