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GOP Needs to Walk the Walk

In response to GOP Needs to Change the Debate to Reach Hispanic Voters:

The GOP has successfully been branded as the party of rich, privileged people. The left has convinced various minority communities and factions that we are going to take their food stamps, education, healthcare, etc. away or we are going to take them away from people they know or take them away from those who are down on their luck. What is our response? 

We counter with lofty concepts like "liberty" and "self sufficiency" and "free market." This doesn't really help people who are worried their heat is going to get turned off or wondering if they can feed their kids tomorrow or someone with a sick baby. I'm sorry, but it doesn't. 

Where does that leave us? How about going into these communities (community organizer?) and creating some freemarket based solutions for people who need them? Doing so would create solutions, offer assistance to those who need it that are based in the private sector and also teach people that we do not need to depend on government. 

As long as we continue to shout bumper sticker slogans at people in need, we look like assholes. Yes, assholes. 


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