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Secret Service follows the Obama scandal playbook

Sep 30, 2014 3:29 PM PT

Whatever else is going on at the Secret Service, they've got the Obama Administration scandal playbook down pat, which is really depressing.

1. Lie about what happened - They not only misled the public about how far Omar Gonzalez penetrated the White House, they apparently were less than forthcoming with Congress.  According to CBS News, "a congressional official told the Associated Press that Senate Judiciary Committee staffers who were briefed a week after the incident by the Administration were never told how far Gonzalez made it into the building."  At today's hearings, House Oversight chair Darrell Issa (R-CA) referred to the initial statement from the Secret Service as an "early false report."

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Midwestern Mystery Virus Causing Paralysis, Respiratory Problems in Children

Sep 30, 2014 7:39 AM PT

An update on the mysterious outbreak of EV-D68, a virus almost unheard-of in the United States until this year, when it suddenly blitzed across the Midwest and sent nearly 300 victims - mostly young children a history of respiratory problems - to intensive care:

According to ABC News in Colorado, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is looking into at least nine cases of "limb weakness and paralysis" reported by children stricken by respiratory virus infections.  It's not clear if there's any connection between these neurological problems and the virus, but some of the affected children tested positive for EV-D68, so the CDC is taking the threat seriously:

All of the children had reported having a respiratory virus before showing symptoms of limb weakness.

Six of the eight children tested were found to be positive for a rhinovirus or enterovirus and four of those cases were found to be the Enterovirus 68. The other two cases were still pending.

Dr. Larry Wolk, the chief medical officer and executive director for Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, said the children affected range in age from one to 18, with an average age of 10.

"It is a spectrum of arm or leg weakness that can be as mild as weakness or as severe as paralysis," Wolk said. "What ties them all together though are findings of spots or lesions in the grey matter of the spinal cord on MRI scans."

Medical officials have not determined whether the Enterovirus 68 virus caused the neurological symptoms, but the CDC is asking other medical workers to report any similar cases as the outbreak continues to spread throughout the U.S.

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Secret Service Botched White House Shooting in 2011

Sep 28, 2014 11:01 AM PT

It's now being reported that up to seven shots hit the White House residence while some members of the first family were inside in November of 2011, yet the Secret Service supervisor's order at the time was,  “No shots have been fired. . . . Stand down."

The noises were wrongly assumed to have been the backfiring of an automobile.

A bullet smashed a window on the second floor, just steps from the first family’s formal living room. Another lodged in a window frame, and more pinged off the roof, sending bits of wood and concrete to the ground. At least seven bullets struck the upstairs residence of the White House, flying some 700 yards across the South Lawn.

President Obama and his wife were out of town on that evening of Nov. 11, 2011, but their younger daughter, Sasha, and Michelle Obama’s mother, Marian Robinson, were inside, while older daughter Malia was expected back any moment from an outing with friends.

Secret Service officers initially rushed to respond. One, stationed directly under the second-floor terrace where the bullets struck, drew her .357 handgun and prepared to crack open an emergency gun box. Snipers on the roof, standing just 20 feet from where one bullet struck, scanned the South Lawn through their rifle scopes for signs of an attack. With little camera surveillance on the White House perimeter, it was up to the Secret Service officers on duty to figure out what was going on.

Then came an order that surprised some of the officers. “No shots have been fired. . . . Stand down,” a supervisor called over his radio. He said the noise was the backfire from a nearby construction vehicle.

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Rise of ISIS Plus 9/11 Anniversary Put Washington on Edge

Sep 10, 2014 3:51 PM PT

The rise of ISIS and the 13th anniversary of 9/11 are heightening security concerns in Washington, especially for tomorrow, the anniversary itself.

Some Senate staff were told to keep their car keys and wallets on their person at all times this week in case the Capitol is evacuated. Staffers were not warned of any specific threat, however.

Senate staffers also said they expect a larger police presence on Capitol Hill this week.

One senior Democratic aide said U.S. Capitol Police have been “more meticulous” about checking IDs.

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Obama and Sharpton: National In-Action Network

Aug 24, 2014 5:14 PM PT

Al Sharpton is always there for the rallies and marches but rarely for the solutions. 

Why are some Americans shocked when President Obama’s point man on race in Ferguson, MO is Sharpton as written on Politico Revved Up: How Al Sharpton became Obama’s go-to man on race? They hugged it out at the National Action Network’s 2014 dinner. Sharpton is a dishonest community organizer who's been a visible role model for Obama and every other progressive individual or organization that uses the black community under the guise of helping.

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Top Cop In Ferguson, Missouri is Black, Sharpton Falls Over In Disbelief

Aug 19, 2014 9:48 AM PT

Civil rights activists (race-baiters) like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson were quick in their efforts to make the unfortunate shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, into a racially divisive political circus like they did with Trayvon Martin.

Their actions and words only helped to insight more violence from angry “agitators,” who used the peaceful protests to mask their criminal acts.

After the initial policing of the rioting was condemned for its use of “militarized” police equipment, such as tear gas, body armor, and armor personnel vehicles, the Missouri State Police was called in to take over to try to calm tensions.
This move worked for about one day, but failed as the rioting and assaulting of police officers quickly resumed.

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Allen West Says Lying About Military Service Is Nothing Less Than "Dishonorable"

Jul 22, 2014 8:18 AM PT

The story about Florida state House candidate Richard DeNapoli (R) lying about his service in the United States Marine Corps is catching fire, as more and more veterans are learning about, and becoming outraged over another case of "Stolen Honor."

DeNapoli once stated that he "served in the United States Marine Corps," but previous to making that statement, DeNapoli listed on his 2008 resume that he only completed weekend-long mini-OCS training.

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