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San Diego Mayor Bob "Filthy" Filner: News about the San Diego Mayor

Racially Devisive Rhetoric Will Fuel More Ferguson Rioting

Nov 25, 2014 8:30 AM PT

We expected those thugs in Ferguson to riot over the grand jury's decision to not indict the police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown, but where were the Al Sharpton's of the world in calling for peace prior to the decision being made.

Word is Sharpton is traveling to Ferguson, to undoubtedly incite more fears and riots. This is what he does. This is how he makes his dinero.

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'Filthy Filner' to Be Sentenced for Harassment Today

Dec 9, 2013 3:32 AM PT

Former San Diego Mayor Bob "Filthy" Filner (D) will be sentenced today for harassment. Filner faces one felony and two misdemeanors charges for "placing a woman in a headlock, kissing another woman and grabbing the buttocks of a third." He was pressured to resign after roughly 20 women came forward with salacious allegations of harassment and unwanted attention from Filner. 

The disgraced ex-Mayor plead guilty in October, striking a deal that recommends he be placed under house arrest with three years of probation. 

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San Diego Will Vote to Replace Filthy Filner Today

Nov 19, 2013 6:05 AM PT

San Diego will head to the polls today for a special mayoral election to determine a replacement for disgraced Democrat Bob "Filthy" Filner. Filner left office amid a sexual harassment scandal garnering nationwide attention and ridicule. 

No single candidate is expected to get to 50 + 1 so the race is to determine who will go to a run-off. The top contenders in the race are (my choice) Councilman Kevin Faulconer (R); City Councilman David Alvarez (D); chameleon Nathan Fletcher currently a Democrat, formerly a Republican;  and Democrat and former City Attorney Mike "evacuate San Diego" Aguirre. 

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It's Official: Filthy Filner Resignation Accepted, He's OUT

Aug 23, 2013 3:44 PM PT

After listening to 40 citizens in an open session this afternoon, the San Diego City Council entered a closed door meeting and voted to unanimously accept the resignation of Mayor Filner as of August 30. Councilman Scott Sherman and Filner hold-out Myrtle Cole were not in attendance.

Filner made a statement to the city council, offered his "deepest apologies" and said that the city should not have been put through this. He said that he was just awkward and was trying to form relationships. He referenced a "lynch mob" mentality in the City. Filner said no allegation has been independently verified or proven in court, and implied this was the hysteria of a lynch mob. The hysteria played into the hands of those who wanted a coup, and that he was removed purely by rumor and innuendo. Filner said the special "interests" pointed the gun at him and media and political agents pulled the trigger, that this is not what democracy was about. He, of course thanked the labor unions, who gave $2M to his campaign and stood by him, never calling for him to step down despite the parade of victims.

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Sources: City Will Pay Filthy Filner Legal Fees, Damages in Lawsuit

Aug 23, 2013 7:30 AM PT

In exchange for his long awaited exit as Mayor, the city of San Diego will pay Bob Filner's legal fees and his share of damages in a lawsuit according to anonymous sources.  An estimate puts that amount around several hundred thousand dollars. 

The body count is up to 18, possibly more, women who have alleged Filner groped, licked, squeezed and harassed them. Filner refused to leave office, even as women continued to come forward. Obviously, his resignation was the only bargaining chip he had in his pocket. A lawsuit was filed by Gloria Allred on behalf of her client who was a city employee and Filner's Communication Director; the City and Filner were both named in the lawsuit. There is no word if there will be more lawsuits forthcoming, but the County Sheriff has set up a hotline especially for Filner victims. 

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Report: Filthy Filner Is *Out*

Aug 22, 2013 9:59 AM PT

NBC News 7 San Diego has learned that Mayor Bob Filner will resign as part of a deal reached with city officials.

The body count of Filner's victims stands at 18.  Negotiations and mediation had been taking place for the last three days and yesterday, City Attorney Jan Goldsmith had announced a proposed agreement had been reached.  Filner was most likely using his resignation to extract concessions from the City, like legal fees and settlements, possibly even his pension. 

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REPORT: Filthy Filner Deal Reached, Seen Loading Boxes into SUV

Aug 22, 2013 5:23 AM PT

After three days of negotiation and mediation, city officials announced that a proposed agreement was reached about Mayor Filner.  On the table is Filner's resignation in exchange for some kind of financial assistance from the city for his legal bills and possible judgements from at least one sexual harassment lawsuit filed against him. 

The City Council will have to sign off on the deal since it involves city funds.  That meeting is scheduled for Friday at 1pm in a closed door session. City Attorney Jan Goldsmith stated that no details of the proposal would be revealed until the Council voted. A staffer at City Hall took a video of Filner loading boxes into an SUV yesterday. 

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In Defense Of 'Filthy Filner', Woman Claims She Hasn't Received 'Sloppy Kisses' Herself (Video)

Aug 19, 2013 3:24 PM PT

81% of San Diegans want their embattled, scandal-plagued Mayor to step down, and reportedly, he is in talks with Democrats to find a graceful exit strategy (as graceful an exit strategy as a serial molester who even hit on a great granny can muster, anyway.)

But believe it or not, "Filthy Filner" still does have some hardcore progressive support. “Standing with Mayor Filner and Due Process” rally was held at the City Hall in San Diego Monday at noon.

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Filner Boycott Spreads Beyond Hooters

Aug 16, 2013 11:17 AM PT

The movement to boycott embattled San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, the city's first Democratic mayor in two decades, has spread beyond the Hooters restaurant chain, which kicked off the effort in response to multiple allegations of sexual harassment against him.

The sign above, identical to the sign posted at Hooters, appeared Friday morning in the window of a local men's barber shop in the San Diego area, indicating that it would not serve Mayor Filner. (The name and location of the shop have been withheld.) 

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At least Hooters stands ready to uphold the moral fabric of San Diego

Aug 13, 2013 7:51 PM PT

In response to San Diego Hooters: It's Important That Our Restaurant Maintain Standards, and That Means We Won't Be Serving Mayor 'Fingers' Filner:

It's good to see that somebody out in San Diego has some standards.  Filner may have snatched away the gold medal for Fastest Phony Rehab from Anthony Weiner, but Hooters isn't buying it.

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Filthy Filner Reponds to Recall: Let's Move Forward

Aug 13, 2013 10:38 AM PT

Late yesterday, San Diego Mayor released a statement through his attorney in response to the recall effort mounting  in San Diego to remove him from office. 

The statement reads:

Now is not the time to go backwards — back to the time when middle-class jobs and neighborhood infrastructure were sacrificed to Downtown special interests. We need to continue  to move forward! 

We have moved toward the vision of producing thousands of middle-class jobs in our port; creating a solar based City to enhance our environment and create jobs; building an efficient international border to bring billions of dollars into our economy; keeping our military and hitech sectors strong and vibrant. 

We have produced a creative vision for our Balboa Park Centennial which will make it more accessible and beautiful for our citizens and bring millions of tourists to San Diego. Balboa Park’s Plaza De Panama is at last free of automobiles and will transform the pedestrian  experience for the next century. 

We have brought world class urban thinkers to transform our neighborhoods into livable, walkable and bikeable adventures. Neighborhood leaders feel a new sense of empowerment and  excitement! 

We have put millions of new dollars to bring the City’s arts and culture to new levels; our river park systems are experiencing new growth; our homeless population and military veterans have new hope for jobs and self-respect; we are spending more dollars on our road infrastructure than ever before. 

We negotiated a five-year labor agreement which brings new stability, hope, and respect for our City employees. Our working people see new hope for livable wages. The expansion of the Convention Center will bring thousands of jobs and millions of tourists to San Diego. 

Our position as one of the biggest bi-national metropolitan areas in the world promises new trade, new cultural interchanges and new possibilities. We are developing a proposal for the first bi-national Summer Olympics in world history for 2024! 

As your Mayor, I am committed to moving San Diego forward!

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See the Clinic Where Bob Filner is Reportedly Getting Treatment

Aug 9, 2013 11:08 AM PT

A local ABC affiliate in San Diego reports that Mayor Filner is getting treatment at the Sexual Recovery Institute in Los Angeles. So what will Filner be doing as part of his treatment? We can get an idea from the clinic's website.

The Sexual Recovery Institute is located in Los Angeles not far from Beverly Hills. It offers both five day and two-week intensive treatment programs, one of which matches the dates Filner is absent from San Diego.

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Sen. Boxer Again Tells Filthy Filner to Resign

Aug 9, 2013 10:59 AM PT

Senator Barbara Boxer released a letter today addressed to Mayor Filner, again asking him to resign his office.  Boxer joins several Democrats, both of local and national notoriety, who have asked Filner to resign. (Although the Democrats want Filner to resign, they do not support a recall.) Filner is currently undergoing intensive "therapy" to teach him that it is wrong to restrain, manhandle, lick and grab subordinates and citizens against their will. 

Dear Bob, 

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#14: New Filner Accuser Was Put in Filner Headlock, Sleeper Hold

Aug 8, 2013 10:02 AM PT

A new Filner accuser has come forward today, a veteran city employee of 32 years known only as "Stacy." 

Stacy explained that she was at a public event, when her two of her staffers, who were UNIFORMED LAW ENFORCEMENT, told her the mayor had arrived at the event. She introduced herself to Filner and he returned to her and asked her out on date. 

"Let me ask you something, can you ever go out to lunch with you boss," Stacy recalled.

After asking her for a business card, Stacy claims he grabbed forcefully her by the wrist and clarified he was not asking her out on a business lunch.

Stacy said he told her, "I'm not asking you out on a business lunch, I'm asking you out on a date. When I see a beautiful woman, I always have to go over and talk to her."

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Stay strong, Filner-watchers

Aug 8, 2013 4:27 AM PT

In response to I'm Just About Done With the Filner Story:

I know what you mean, Ace.  It seems like a combination of numb horror and fatalism has overtaken observers of the Filner freak show.  Numb horror that it just keeps getting worse - we just learned that Debbie Wasserman Schultz's esteemed Congressional colleague was preying on military veterans who were rape survivors, and the nurse of a wounded female vet with neurological problems and PTSD.  Fatalism because we know the media will soft-pedal the story and erect firewalls to keep it from hurting Democrats in any way.  I haven't checked the latest round of stories to see if they've stopped identifying Filner as a Democrat yet, but if it hasn't begun yet, we all know it's coming.

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I'm Just About Done With the Filner Story

Aug 7, 2013 5:26 PM PT

So, the Liberal Corporate Media pretends this is a Local Crime Story, despite the fact the great majority of Filner's victimizations did not occur during his mayoralty, but during his ten terms -- 2o years! -- as United States Congressman, yes, US Congressman, in Congress, that Congress, the one in Washington DC, as cofounder of the California Progressive Caucus with cofounder Nancy Pelosi.

The state Democrat Party turned a blind eye to his serial gropings.  It is all but impossible to believe the national party did not cover up for him as well.

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Bill Clinton's Endorsement of Bob Filner for Mayor (audio)

Aug 7, 2013 9:10 AM PT

When Bob Filner left Congress and ran for Mayor of San Diego in 2012, he had the endorsement of former President Bill Clinton.

Hello, this is President Bill Clinton. I'm asking you to join me in supporting Bob Filner for mayor. As President I worked with Bob to save San Diego taxpayers more than 3 billion dollars and to secure funding for construction of the veterans home. Bob has the experience to move San Diego forward, to create good paying 21st century jobs, support quality public education and put neighborhoods first, not special interests. As a freedom rider in the 1960s, Bob showed he has the courage to do what's right. That's what he did in Congress and that's exactly what he'll do as Mayor of San Diego. Thank you.

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Filthy Filner Targeted Women Who Were Victims of Sexual Assault in the Military

Aug 7, 2013 4:52 AM PT

Eldonna Fernandez and Gerri Tindley are among EIGHT female veterans and members of the National Women's Veterans Association of America who have made accusations against Mayor Filner. Almost all women were victims of sexual assault in the military. 

The women, like Fernandez, say the former chairman of the House Veterans' Affairs Committee used his significant power and credentials to access military sexual assault survivors, who they say are less likely to complain.

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Filthy Filner Starts Therapy Today

Aug 5, 2013 5:21 AM PT

Mayor Bob Filner will enter two weeks of "intensive" therapy today while he continues to run the city of San Diego. 

While in therapy, Filner will be dealing with a "grilling" from lawyers regarding the lawsuit brought against him by his former communications director for sexual harassment. Among the allegations against Filner are that he asked his communications director to work without panties, wanted to see her naked, and dragged her around in the famous "Filner headlock." Other women have come forward with allegations ranging from creepy behavior to shoving his tongue in their mouths, slobbering on their cheeks and grabbing their bottoms. 

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Unions Stand By Filthy Filner, 'Have a lot Invested in Him'

Aug 4, 2013 4:33 AM PT

As the number of women accusing San Diego Mayor Filner of harassment/inappropriate behavior grows almost daily, one group is standing behind their man: the Union.

Filner was swept into office last year largely thanks to efforts by the San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council, which contributed more than $2 million as well as shoe leather, phone banks and related efforts to get the city’s first Democratic mayor in two decades into office.

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Tenth Filner Accuser: He Grabbed Me in Church

Aug 3, 2013 6:05 PM PT

San Diego News 10 is reporting that a new accuser has stepped forward to claim inappropriate behavior from Mayor Filner.  Renne Estill-Sombright reported an incident at La Jolla Presbyterian Church in June. 

Estill-Sombright was at the church for a benefit to help refugees from Africa. 

"We were standing face-to-face and he held on to me and he was like, 'You are so beautiful,'" she said.

She says Filner grabbed and held on to both her hands. But the "you're so beautiful" comment was just the beginning.

"'You are so beautiful and I cannot take my eyes off of you,'" she said. "'I just cannot take my eyes off of you.'"

Estill-Sombright says she was taken off-guard.

"I said,' Oh, thank you,'" she said. "I kind of felt weird."

Then came a line which has become all too familiar.

"'Do you have a husband? Are you married?' And I was like, that was kind of odd for him to ask me that," said Estill-Sombright.

Then, there was an invitation.

"And he said, 'Well, you know this is a personal invitation. I would like to take you out sometime,'" she said.

Fingers Filner Hit on the Deputy MAYOR of Escondido; She Took The Complaint to Jess Durfee, Former Head of the Sand Diego Democrats, Who Blew It Off

Aug 1, 2013 4:33 PM PT

The bad news is that, even when he's meeting the Deputy Mayors of nearby towns, he's looking for some action.

Escondido Deputy Mayor Olga Diaz told Team 10 she had a "strange encounter" with Mayor Bob Filner before San Diego elected him, and Diaz said she went to the county's former Democratic Party chairman.

Diaz said she met Bob Filner a few times when he was a congressman, but it was her interaction with him at a political event for women in 2010 that disturbed her.

"The congressman walked straight up to me, asked me if I had a boyfriend or husband," Diaz said. "I said I had husband, and he asked what my husband did, and I said, 'Well my husband is a cop,' and he walked away. It was that strange."


As San Diego's mayoral race drew closer, Diaz said she heard similar stories from other women. "I heard enough women say, 'Oh yeah, he's just that way,' and there was something intuitively wrong about that behavior," Diaz said. Diaz brought her concerns to Jess Durfee, the former chair of the Democratic Party in San Diego.

She told Team 10 she made it clear she wasn't physically harassed, but she was bothered by Filner's behavior. "What I described to Jess was mild, it was weird, it was dirty old man-ish," Diaz said.

"The gist was, 'Thank you for letting me know, I'm glad you told me,' but nothing ever happened," Diaz said of her conversation with Durfee. "And Bob went on to be the nominated candidate."

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Sources: Filthy Filner's Office Canceled Sexual Harassment Training Sessions

Aug 1, 2013 3:40 AM PT

According to a top city official, the Mayor's office canceled "multiple" new employee training sessions at the beginning of Mayor Filner's term. Such training would have included instructions on how to complete the City's required sexual harassment training sessions. 

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner’s office canceled multiple new employee and management training sessions in the first months of his term, a former top city official said late Wednesday. The sessions included direction to complete legally required sexual harassment training, two City Hall sources with knowledge of the situation said.

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Aide to Mayor McFelonyHands Invoking Attorney-Client Privilege to Withhold Notes, Allegedly About Harrassment

Jul 31, 2013 7:27 PM PT

What happens in San Diego, stays in San Diego.

Or DC, for that matter. Filner's got victims on both coasts.

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner's chief of staff — who is a lawyer — is seeking City Council intervention in a dispute with City Attorney Jan Goldsmith as to whether she can function as a legal adviser on city business.


Deputy City Attorney Walter Chung wrote to Burdick on July 25, demanding she hand over some handwritten notes related to alleged misconduct or sexual harassment by Filner. Burdick is apparently resisting handing over the notes, which were requested by an unnamed party under the California Public Records Act.

Burdick is citing attorney-client privilege. "As you are well aware," Chung wrote to Burdick, "under Charter section 40, you have no authority to act as an attorney for the city, its departments, staff or officials."

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Filthy Filner Lawyer: City Did Not Train Mayor Not to Harass Women

Jul 31, 2013 1:33 PM PT

Liam Dillon over at the Voice of San Diego writes Filner's lawyer argued to the city that taxpayers should cover his fees because "Filner never received sexual harassment training required under the law."

"The city failed to provide such training to Mayor Filner," Filner’s lawyer Harvey Berger wrote in a July 29 letter to City Attorney Jan Goldsmith. "In fact, it is my understanding that such training was scheduled, but the trainer for the city unilaterally cancelled, and never re-scheduled such training for the Mayor (and others.) Therefore, if there is any liability at all, the city will almost certainly be liable for 'failing to prevent harassment under Government Code Section 12940(k)."

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Harris-Perry: 'Discriminatory' Women Barred from Private Filner Meetings?

Jul 31, 2013 6:55 AM PT

Melissa Harris-Perry, who filled in last night for Rachel Maddow on some MSNBC show I don't usually watch, asked Filner's new chief of staff if it was discriminatory to bar women from having private meetings with Mayor Filner. Eight women have come forward with detailed claims of harassment by the Mayor so far and a lawsuit against San Diego and the Mayor have been filed. 

Wait, WHAT?!?

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SD City Council Denies Filthy Filner Request to Pay Legal Expenses

Jul 31, 2013 4:07 AM PT

In a unanimous vote last night, the San Diego City Council denied Mayor Filthy Filner's request for San Diego taxpayers to pay his legal expenses. Filner and San Diego are being sued by his former employee, Irene McCormack Jackson.  The Council also voted to sue Filner for any costs the city would have to pay out in the lawsuit. 

Eight women have come forward with salacious allegations about the Mayor's behavior. Filner is refusing to step down in the face of growing calls for his resignation. At least two recall efforts are underway. 

'His employers, San Diego taxpayers, did not have to bail him out for the mess he created,' City Councilman Kevin Faulconer said.

If Bob Filner engaged in unlawful conduct and the city is held liable, he will have to reimburse us every penny the city pays and its attorney fees,' City Attorney Jan Goldsmith said.

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San Diego City Council Will Sue Filner for Reimbursement of Harassment Damages

Jul 30, 2013 12:43 PM PT

KFI AM is reporting that the San Diego City Council has unanimously voted to file a complaint against Mayor Filthy Filner for reimbursement of any payout from a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by Irene McCormick. 

The City Attorney's Office  said the court action does not admit liability, but seeks indemnity from the  mayor should liability eventually be found.

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Filthy Filner Wants San Diego to Pay His Legal Fees

Jul 29, 2013 5:22 PM PT

ABC News San Diego has learned that the San Diego City Council was asked to consider "a request by Mayor Bob Filner's attorney to cover the cost of Filner's legal fees."

The request will be taken up by the City Council at a 5:30pm meeting tomorrow. The meeting will be open to the public. 

'Chicago-Style' Fake Recall Underway to Keep Filthy Filner in Office?

Jul 29, 2013 11:02 AM PT

Stampp Corbin, a close Filner ally and publisher of the LGBT weekly in San Diego, has filed a recall notice to recall Mayor Filthy Filner.  Corbin was the first to mount a recall effort when he published a notice in the San Diego Union Tribune on Friday. 

Publishing a notice for a recall starts a 60 day clock for the process. Signature gathering takes place three weeks later and the petitioners have 39 days to gather 101,597 signatures. A thirty day extension is allowed if needed. 

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San Diego Dem Chair: But We've Waited So Long for a Progressive Agenda

Jul 28, 2013 5:22 AM PT

Francine Busby, Chair of that San Diego Democrat Party, told the New York Times that the party was giving Mayor Filner the "benefit of doubt" because they were so excited to have someone in office pushing a progressive agenda. 

"Democrats aren’t going to give him a pass, but may be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt because we’ve waited so long, nearly 20 years, for a mayor who could put forward a progressive agenda," she said.

"But this doesn’t erase what he’s done," she said. "I don’t know if it’s enough at this point."

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San Diego City Attorney Unable to Locate Filner to Serve Allred Subpoena

Jul 26, 2013 1:13 PM PT

Friday morning, Mayor Filner was served a subpoena to appear August 9, at a deposition regarding the harassment charges outlined in a Monday press conference. The City attorneys and Gloria Allred will be at the deposition.  

City Attorney Jan Goldsmith had his work cut out for him. "City Attorney Jan Goldsmith said it took several days to find Mayor Filner to serve him with the subpoena."

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Letter: Recall Efforts of Mayor Filthy Filner to Start at 5pm Monday

Jul 26, 2013 12:26 PM PT

The recall effort to remove Mayor Filner from office will begin at 5pm Monday if the Mayor does not resign. At this afternoon's press conference, the Mayor announced that he will undergo two weeks of intensive therapy starting August 5th and he will run the city while he is "getting help." No mention of stepping down.

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FLASH: 'Filthy Filner' to Therapy

Jul 26, 2013 12:10 PM PT

At a press conference this afternoon, Mayor Filner apologized for his failure to respect women, said it was inexcusable and undermined his whole professional life. According to Filner he has spent his professional life fighting for equality and justice for all people.

The Mayor said he will not explain it away, and said his behavior was not generational. He has apologized to staff, supporters, and the people of San Diego. He also apologized to women he's "offended." (?!?!)

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