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The Rodeo Clown Police understand the power of contempt

On his show today, Rush Limbaugh daringly compared the response of Obama worshipers to that subversive Missouri rodeo clown with the way Islamist fanatics responded to the Mohammed Cartoons of Doom.  He's right about the significance of the connection.  Both sets of fanatics are motivated by their understanding of the power of contempt and ridicule.  It is possible to compel respect for an idol, and make apostates "feel themselves subdued."

The American Left most certainly appreciates the power of ridicule, having directed tidal waves of it at everyone they disagree with.  Republican women like Sarah Palin are routinely disparaged with the most grossly misogynist insults.  In Palin's case, that campaign began within minutes of her selection as John McCain's running mate.  If you were online during those hours, you remember how incredibly fast that left-wing storm of viciousness spun up.

It's common for liberals to handle black conservatives with frankly racist slurs.  A while back there was video of anti-Koch Brothers protesters musing that they'd like to lynch Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.  Some said they would like to enslave him, as a punishment for his off-the-plantation conservatism. 

And of course, we all remember the frankly disgusting ways in which every Republican president has been mocked.  It was a particular obsession of the Left to question George Bush's very humanity, routinely comparing him to a chimpanzee.  And do any of the more seasoned readers of this post remember the video for the Genesis song "Land of Confusion?"  That was some pretty rodeo-clown stuff right there.  If a video like that was made featuring Barack Obama, it would probably be classified as a hate crime. 

Obama's supporters are insanely thin-skinned - and so is he, judging by his reluctance to remind them about the principles of free speech, or assure them that he can handle mockery from a rodeo clown.  That's because he can't handle such mockery, and it's not just because of his dizzying personal arrogance.  He knows he's already in a bad spot with the American public, and the only thing he's got left is that carefully cultivated sense of historic gravity.  He's the First Black President, striding across the world like a sort of god, as one of his fawning media admirers once said of him.  If people can be forced to accept that mockery of him is forbidden, they'll take the next subconscious step of believing that he has qualities that place him above mockery.

And of course his followers are insanely hypocritical about all this.  It's not negligent hypocrisy, though.  It's the point of the exercise: to make the other side feel subdued and second-class.  The people you admire can be torn to shreds, but their idols are special and different.  Bill Maher can call Sarah Palin a "c**t," and call her son "retarded," but Rush Limbaugh must be annihilated for making a joke about Sandra Fluke portraying herself as a slut.  That's not merely a convenient double standard - it's part of an active campaign to program our culture with mandatory reverence for the demigods of the Left, and reflexive contempt for their adversaries.


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